Allison McKenzie Sporthorses

Breeding...The Cornerstone of What We Do...

AMS foals are highly sought-after in both the Dressage and jumper communities. Our offspring are currently competing in Dressage as well as in the Hunter/Jumper ring and in fact most of our foals sell before they're yearlings. We are extremely picky about the stallions that we choose and insist that our offspring are not only capable of incredible movement, but also have amateur-friendly personalities. We breed sporthorses that are meant to stay sound for the long-term and take great care to maintain soundness and health from birth. Our breeding program is central to what we do here at our farm. We have been breeding sporthorses for twenty years and maintain the philosophy that while big-name bloodlines are nice, it means nothing without actual talent and soundness of mind and body. We are often willing to take chances on a lesser-known stallion if we feel that it can contribute something to one of our mares that will make a resulting foal outstanding. We take great pride in our broodmares and their place in our program is due to their athleticism, temperament, and exceptional conformation. We don't subscribe to the notion that a stallion needs to "improve" our mares, but rather the stallion should bring out our mare's best qualities.

AMS offers foaling services to those who wish to have their mares foal at our farm under our close supervision. We also offer breeding consultation services for those who find the process of choosing a stallion for their mares overwhelming. We assist our clients with navigating veterinary appointments and working with stallion owners so that the process is smooth and seamless. 

Balmoral AMS (Bally) is a 2021 filly by Belafonte d'Avalon (Hilkens Black Delight) and out of our Thoroughbred Oldenburg-approved mare, Watch Her Walk (Notional) Bally will excel in the Hunter ring but will also be able to hold her own in the Dressage ring. She is assertive and has a no-nonsense personality but is also quite sweet. She is going to make someone a wonderful partner!

River AMS is a 2021 colt out of Cada Sueno FGF (Soprano) and by Ridley (Rotspon). River was bred with to be the personal horse of AMS owner/trainer Allison McKenzie. She is very excited about this youngster - he is an old soul who shows athleticism, grace, and has mellow and sweet personality.

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