Allison McKenzie Sporthorses

Training You and Your Horse to Succeed...

Allison McKenzie, owner and trainer, has had over thirty years of training in Dressage and jumping. She has studied with renowned Event rider/trainer Susan Moessner and then studied with Dallas Bradbury until his passing. Allison rides in various clinics, most recently working with Vanessa Voltman. She has been the recipient of the Dianne Hoppenstedt Memorial Trophy from The Eventing Association of Michigan and multiple year-end championships for both TEAM and the Midwest Dressage Association. Allison is a past board member and President of the Midwest Dressage Association and plays an active role in the Dressage community in Michigan. Allison has been level champion or reserve champion at Waterloo Dressage numerous times and has coached multiple students to regional championships. She has a unique touch with horses, especially off the track thoroughbreds and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with all levels of riders. Allison's level of expertise and patience with horses is unparalleled. She has taken numerous green horses and turned them into show-ready and accomplished partners for their owners. From dusting off the cobwebs before show season or preparing a horse for major competition, her skill and empathy bring out the best in each horse that she works with. Once Allison works with a horse, they are her friend for life and loves seeing her "kids" out making their people happy.

Allison's skills extend beyond the ridden horse - she excels in handling the youngsters and preparing them for training and sales. She teaches them the basics of braiding, trailering, standing in crossties, grooming, and essentially - learning how to be big kids. Her experience as a sporthorse breeder shines through in the patience she shows with the youngsters in her care.

Allison passes on her skill and genuine love of horses and the sports of Dressage and jumping to everyone who wants to learn. She is a fun and affable teacher and loves to interact one-on-one with her students. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and yet she is conscientious and emphasizes correct learning and prioritizes both the health of the horse and the safety and well-being of the student at all times.

Training...Horses in training are worked with in a consistent, disciplined, yet gentle manner. We specialize in letting horses maintain their own individual personalities while teaching them the physical tools that they need to develop. Horses are ridden at least five times a week and are provided ample downtime when not being worked. They are kept on a strict feed and turnout schedule and are allowed to interact with other horses in safe paddocks. We train horses to be sold and/or to be better and more educated partners for their human companions and we are happy to create a program tailored to you and your horses individual needs. Training is $500/month in addition to board.

Lessons...Lessons in Dressage, English and jumping are available to riders of all ages on their own horses. Please note that we do not offer lesson horses.  Since we specialize in off-the-track Thoroughbreds we can assist you in re-training your horse for a new career off the track. Allison McKenzie has brought numerous through the levels in Dressage and Eventing and teaching and coaching is her passion. We provide coaching at shows as well as trailering. Lessons are $45/half-hour and $55/hour. Trailering is $3.00/loaded mile.